December 12, 2011

It's starting to look festive at Apex.

The Nutcracker Trophies.

                                                               The winners are listed below.

My art room
Mrs. McLaurin's Door
 Mrs. Carr's Door
won the Kindergarten award!!!
 Mrs. Peacock's door
won the 2nd grade award!!!!
 Mrs. Smith's door
 Ms. Henderson's door
 Mrs. Meluch's door
 Mrs. Duguid's door
 Mrs. Cuni's door
 Mrs. Weitzel's door
 Mrs. Nuckols' door
 Mrs. Miles' door
 Mrs. Evenhouse's door
Mrs. McKee's door
 Ms. Arcado's door
 Ms. Craig's door
Mrs. Nixon's door
Mrs. Gaffney's door
won the 1st grade award and
overall favorite!!!!

 Mrs. Barefoot's door
won the 3rd grade award!!!
 Mrs. Osborne's door
 Ms. Lee's door
 Mrs. Hoffert's door
won the Sparkliest door award!!!!
 Mr. Faulhaber's door
Mrs. Bolebruch's door
 The Library doors - Mrs. Bryant & Mrs. Bacola
 Ms. Mitchum's door
 Mrs. Bell's door

 Mrs. Little's door
won the Bah-Humbug Award!!!
 Mrs. Reynold's door
Mrs. Pearce's door

Ms. Reid's technology door
Mrs. Monroe's door
5th grade Winner!!!!
 Ms. Hale's door
4th grade Winner!!!!
 Ms. Durkin's door
Special Programs Winner!
  Mrs. Totten's door