December 21, 2011

From the Apex Staff Memo

 to our Art Teacher, Ashley Haake! Mrs. Haake submitted a photo of snowman artwork for consideration in the county-wide search for the Superintendent's Holiday Card and Winter Thank You Card. Art departments from every school, elementary through high, were asked for their submissions and Mrs. Haake's 2nd grade snowmen were chosen!
Apex Elementary artwork was the only school selected for this honor! Congratulations!

December 20, 2011

Winter Scenes by Mrs. Evenhouss's Class

 Ronan's artwork made it onto the Wall of Frames!
Nice job Ronan!

December 17, 2011

You can't catch me!


December 16, 2011

Shapes, Patterns and Lines

display in the cafeteria

Mrs. Lee's class is displayed in the library.

December 15, 2011

What's Up?


December 14, 2011

Snowy Snowmen.

December 13, 2011

Merry Moo.

Samantha's artwork made it to the Wall of Frames!

Sweaters all around.

Mrs. Bacola and I looking fancy in our Christmas Tree Sweaters!

December 12, 2011

It's starting to look festive at Apex.

The Nutcracker Trophies.

                                                               The winners are listed below.

My art room
Mrs. McLaurin's Door
 Mrs. Carr's Door
won the Kindergarten award!!!
 Mrs. Peacock's door
won the 2nd grade award!!!!
 Mrs. Smith's door
 Ms. Henderson's door
 Mrs. Meluch's door
 Mrs. Duguid's door
 Mrs. Cuni's door
 Mrs. Weitzel's door
 Mrs. Nuckols' door
 Mrs. Miles' door
 Mrs. Evenhouse's door
Mrs. McKee's door
 Ms. Arcado's door
 Ms. Craig's door
Mrs. Nixon's door
Mrs. Gaffney's door
won the 1st grade award and
overall favorite!!!!

 Mrs. Barefoot's door
won the 3rd grade award!!!
 Mrs. Osborne's door
 Ms. Lee's door
 Mrs. Hoffert's door
won the Sparkliest door award!!!!
 Mr. Faulhaber's door
Mrs. Bolebruch's door
 The Library doors - Mrs. Bryant & Mrs. Bacola
 Ms. Mitchum's door
 Mrs. Bell's door

 Mrs. Little's door
won the Bah-Humbug Award!!!
 Mrs. Reynold's door
Mrs. Pearce's door

Ms. Reid's technology door
Mrs. Monroe's door
5th grade Winner!!!!
 Ms. Hale's door
4th grade Winner!!!!
 Ms. Durkin's door
Special Programs Winner!
  Mrs. Totten's door